O’Dell Works with Reconnecting Families, Inc.

O’Dell Featured For Work with Reconnecting Families, Inc. and the Family Dependency Court

As Board Chairman of Reconnecting Families, Inc. Justin has had the privilege in arranging annual graduation ceremonies for the mothers and their families at First Baptist Church of Marietta.  In June of 2011, the ceremony was made all the more special due to the attendance and remarks of Governor Nathan Deal and by the presence of his wife, Sandra.


2011.6.24 The Marietta Daily Journal – Governor speaks at Cobb drug treatment program

The previous year, O’Dell was also featured in connection with a graduation and new beginnings for several mothers and families.


2010.09.29 MDJ – New beginnings

Justin was the guest speaker at the Marietta Kiwanis Club weekly meeting.  He was present to discuss the work of Reconnecting Families, Inc., the non-profit organization that he chairs.


2010.10.24 The Marietta Daily Journal – Bill Kinney Charity works hard at reconnecting

Justin was highlighted as part of the team responsible for “Tiffany’s Transition” in an article highlighting Tiffany Hall and her remarkable life transformation.


2010.01.15 The Marietta Daily Journal – Tiffany s transition

Facebook Meets Voir Dire by Justin O’Dell

Facebook Meets Voir Dire

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Mining the Internet During Litigation (Presented to National Association of Legal Secretaries, May 17, 2011, Cobb County Legal Secretaries Association, October 26, 2012, Cobb County Bar Association, Family Law CLE, December 14, 2012).

Click the following link to view the PDF: 

Facebook meets Voir Dire: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly of Mining the Internet for Litigation

O’Dell Helps Woman Stay in Foreclosed Home

O’Dell Wins Victory for Woman Fighting to Stay in Her Home

In 2010, Justin helped Luz Cardoza, a divorced single mother, recover her home against a wrongful foreclosure by Wells Fargo.  To quote the Judge in the case:  “There is great responsibility with great power, and you don’t just tell people, ‘Well, I don’t care. I guess we just made a mistake. It’s no big deal,'” Flournoy told the lawyers representing Wells Fargo.


2010.08.22 The Marietta Daily Journal – Marietta woman fights to keep home

2010.08.28 The Marietta Daily Journal – Marietta woman gets to stay in foreclosed home

O’Dell & O’Neal Represents Against Fraudulent Tax Preparers

O’Dell & O’Neal Successfully Represents Man Against Fraudulent Tax Preparers

Leslie and Justin were retained by Howard Lincoln as trial counsel after Mr. Lincoln was forced to file a lawsuit due to negligent tax preparation and fraudulent representations of tax services.  The trial team was able to secure a verdict for all of the damage caused and for punitive damages and attorney’s fees.


2011.10.25 The Marietta Daily Journal – Man wins 150K victory over tax preparer