Domestic Violence

Justin Leslie at table croppedO’Dell & O’Neal Volunteers Services to the Cobb Justice Foundation

O’Dell & O’Neal are proud to serve as volunteers for the Cobb Justice Foundation by taking cases assigned from Cobb County Legal Aid on a pro bono basis. As a measure of giving back to the community, O’Dell & O’Neal Attorneys recently donated legal services through the Cobb Justice Foundation to assist a Cobb County victim in securing a TPO. This client needed immediate legal representation that would facilitate protection for her and her children but not exhaust her limited financial resources. Justin O’Dell and Law Intern, Abbey Warren, donated their time and expertise to the Cobb Justice Foundation and Cobb County Legal Aid to make sure this woman and her children gained that protection through a TPO.

At O’Dell & O’Neal, we understand that being in an abusive relationship is difficult and dangerous and that leaving can potentially escalate the abuse or place the victim’s life at even greater risk. Justin O’Dell and Leslie O’Neal have experience assisting victims of abuse in navigating the legal process for protection against the abuser. Often in this process, time is in short supply and victims need swift legal advice and action. Justin and Leslie have quickly and successfully attained Temporary Protective Orders for abuse victims in Cobb, Fulton and several other surrounding areas.

For more information on domestic violence and available resources, visit the following: