Marietta to the Berlin Wall

Abbey 360 Berlin Abbey with bear BerlinO’Dell & O’Neal Attorneys’ summer law intern, Abbey Warren, is currently studying abroad in Berlin and we have asked her to send us updates on her travels through Europe. As we continue serving clients and the community here in Marietta, it is our pleasure to share Abbey’s greetings from the Berlin Wall! Read and enjoy!

from Abbey Warren…

So, I have been in Berlin a week so far! I greatly miss my O’Dell & O’Neal family – especially the air conditioning and even needing to wear a sweater! Berlin has had record highs since we have been here; since it is normally so cold they do not have air conditioning in most buildings. Thankfully, our hostel does have A/C but the school where we have class from 9:30-3:30 does not!

The plane ride over was a bumpy one and I definitely felt motion sickness but finally made it here in one piece! The people in Germany are very friendly but direct – to the point they seem confused when I use my Southern manners to ask them how there day is going! It is a very interesting European city because unlike most of the other cities in Europe, 80% of the original city has been destroyed. So far, one of the best parts has been visiting remains of the Berlin Wall. It is incomprehensible to think of someone building a wall right through Atlanta! How lucky we are to have not experienced some of the turmoil this city has.

My classes have been interesting and I have been able to negotiate with people from 4 different countries so far (Denmark, Belgium, Australia, and Spain). It was tremendously intriguing to see how different cultures color the way we go about negotiating and conceding to the other party!