Georgia Laws That Make You Go Hmmm…

ice-cream-pocketSweet Things

By Tammie Gruhn

You know how Georgians love their sweet things, but on Sunday you have to keep your ice cream cones out of your back pocket. Carrying ice cream in that pocket is against the law…but only on Sunday!

According to many sources on the internet, this is one of many stupid laws that remain on the books. Though there are indeed some silly laws in Georgia and all across the US, research has revealed this one to be nothing more than fun folklore! The origin of this particular faux law is in Lexington, KY, where horse thieves supposedly used this tactic to lure horses away from their rightful owners. If caught, the thief could claim he never touched the horse, it just followed him home. Apparently, Sunday was not a fun day for horse thieves in Lexington!

Just for fun and a little education along with way, we’ll continue to explore the crazy laws that may or may not exist in Georgia and elsewhere!