Cops & Kids Shop Together

Cops for Kids 2Cops in Cobb County don’t always patrol our streets and neighborhoods looking for bad guys. Sometimes, they shop with kids! In December, the Cops & Kids event paired more than 50 police officers and sheriff’s deputies with 150 underprivileged Cobb school children for $125 shopping sprees at the Target on Austell Road at the East-West Connector. The Fraternal Order of Police’s Kermit C. Sanders Lodge No. 13 organizes on the event. During the summer golf tournament which funds this event, O’Dell & O’Neal joined other sponsors in our community to raise in excess of $25,000.

Among the goals for this event is the hope that it will provide these children with a positive experience with law enforcement. Some of them have seen police officers in their homes for domestic disputes so this pairing with a police officer helps ease their fears with more positive interaction. All of the officers who participate in this event volunteer their time.

As with any charitable event, the money raised to fund it dictates the number of those benefiting. So, we urge you to consider participation in this summer golf tournament for Cops & Kids and help provide more under-privileged children the opportunity to shop with a Cop! For more information, call 770 528-3817 or visit: