Sunshine Cures All Things

Wise words by Justin O’Dell in May 2013 proved to be true a year later as Awtrey Middle School Principal, Jeff Crawford, was cleared of accusations regarding an alleged failure to report. The alleged incident was said to have occurred in February  2013 and Mr. Crawford was notified on March 1, 2013 of a suspension by the CCSD. It took more than a year, but diligent efforts by O’Dell & O’Neal led to all charges being dropped and a letter of dismissal from the Professional Standards Commission. Justin O’Dell is committed to obtaining a positive outcome for educators who find themselves in the midst of disciplinary actions from the school board. He works tirelessly to preserve the employment goals  and professional reputation of educators who have devoted themselves to serving the needs of students. The following news articles were published as this case progressed:


2013.04.09.MDJ article Solicitor – Charges against former Kell Principal lacked evidence


2013.04.16.Commentary Crawford

2013.04.16.op ed crawford 2013.04.20.crawford around town

2013.04.23.mdj.crawford.around town 2013.04.27.mdj.yarborogh on crawford 2013.05.02.mdj crawford dismissal

2013.05.03.mdj.crawford.mckee article 2013.05.04.crawford.yarborough


2013.05.11.mdj.around town 2013.05.11.mdj.finlayson



2013.07.26.mdj.discipline policy