Extensive Experience in Probate Litigation and Administration

After the loss of a loved one, the estate must be probated in order to effectuate the administration and transfer of the individual’s assets and belongings. If the individual left a last will and testament, this document must be presented and probated. If there is no will, the individual’s estate will be administered pursuant to the intestate laws of Georgia. The probate process is critical to ensure the orderly administration of affairs, proper notice to creditors and closure of the matter to avoid unknown claims being asserted at a later date or time.

O’Dell, O’Neal, Hungerford, and Blanchard have extensive experience in all aspects of probate litigation and administration. These matters are highly emotional and the firm serves to provide compassionate and professional advice in order to allow the client to make prudent decisions. Our office is currently taking phone consultations and will ensure the estate process is completed following all current health and government guidelines. Please give us a call at 770-405-0164.