How Does COVID-19 and School Closures Affect My Visitation Schedule?

With schools having closed for the remainder of the school year and the Governor’s Executive Order due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be wondering how this affects your current parenting plan/visitation schedule.  The Governor issued an Executive Order on April 3 2020 clarifying that “no provision of the Executive Order shall limit, infringe, suspend, or supplant any judicial order, judgment, or decree, including custodial arrangements…” The Order also clarified that essential services include “transport, visitation, regular care of family members and persons dependent on the services of others, and similar actions that ensure the welfare and bests inserts of persons in the State of Georgia…children…”


The Cobb Superior Court has issued a Notice of Clarification advising that visitation with parents is an essential services  and should continue during the Executive Shelter in Place Order.  Accordingly, parents should be following the terms for custody and visitation outlined in their parenting plan/visitation schedule.


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