“Business (Not) as Usual – A Reflection on the New Normal” by Nick Booth

“He who could foresee affairs three days in advance would be rich for thousands of years.”
– Sir Thomas Carlyle
In the wake of COVID-19, businesses and workforces are scrambling to cope with a never-before-seen interruption of corporate and industrial operations. While some sectors have been hit much harder than others, no one is unblemished by the effects that this virus has caused on the world and society. This is not to say, however, that business must come to a grinding halt, or that the virus spells nothing but doom and gloom in the economy for the foreseeable future. Don’t be surprised to see certain businesses thriving during this time, or better yet, to see new businesses arrive on the scene that are able to keep their operations running at high gear and/or provide goods or services that fill needs that we may not have realized were necessary prior to this outbreak (we see you Tushy).
Ultimately, the businesses and individuals best able to pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic are the ones who are going to come out the other side successful and flourishing. For example, many businesses are implementing remote capabilities so that they can continue to work and serve their communities. Do not be surprised if you see this trend continue even after social distancing restrictions are lifted, as people have already begun to see benefits to their productivity, physical and mental well-being, savings on overhead and costs of doing business, and the improved health of their communities and environment.
For some folks, this may be a great time to start a new business venture to take advantage of all the new opportunities that are presenting themselves. For others who may have had an ongoing business or undertaking which may have been interrupted, there are a variety of creative solutions that can be employed to ensure that, when business does resume, they can jump back in right where they left off. Still, there are others who may be presented with the opportune time to wind up certain business affairs and move on to new endeavors. No matter what position you may be in, whether it be a new business formation, a need to resolve a business dispute or reach an interim agreement or understanding, or a desire to wind up business affairs, the law firm of O’Dell, O’Neal, Hungerford, & Blanchard stands ready to assist you. We are adequately equipped with the tools needed to help you, and will work diligently to provide as much normalcy as possible to your business dealings during this time.