Most Professional and Efficient Both In and Out of Court

"I've dealt with quite a few firms. Yours by far, hands down was the most professional and efficient both in and out of court. Danielle kept me sane throughout this ordeal. She never let her personal opinion or emotions get involved but she was definitely a soft landing, an understanding professional and showed enough empathy to let me know she cared and understood where I was coming from without compromising her position as an attorney. Your firm is lucky to have her."

Superior Service, Knowledge, Skills, and Ability

"I have been a part of the criminal justice system for over 40-years, but when our family needed a family law attorney we were fortunate to find Justin O'Dell. Over the course of many years and cases including Temporary Protective Orders, Custody Modification, Contempt, and a lawsuit, Mr. O'Dell has displayed a compassionate and professional work ethic. Always available, Mr. O'Dell returned a phone call from atop a mountain in Alaska. Mr. O'Dell is smart, articulate, detail-oriented, and determined. Mr. O'Dell has become our trusted counselor and family friend. His sage advice is unmatched. His probity is unquestionable. We highly recommend Mr. O'Dell."

A Professional to the End- Delivers as Promised

"Very seldom in today’s society do legal professionals promise big and then deliver the same. Leslie O’Neal does both, with an attention to detail that is unsurpassed in her profession.

While going through a lengthy divorce that required re-educating many attorneys along the way, Leslie was steadfast, balanced and well-articulated, regardless of who she was opposite in the courtroom. The feeling of her presence was insurmountable. After winning custody of my children in 2010, Leslie was hired for support modification after some life style changes had taken place. In the courtroom during trial, I glanced over to see Leslie preparing her closing notes and checking off bullet points for the judge’s consideration of every point she wanted to make. I instantly began to feel every dime invested in this 15 month journey was worth it.

Leslie O’Neal and her firm are what valuable legal counsel is all about. I was always educated on the right path to take and never had a request for feedback, a call, or a question go unanswered. This firm is one that you can proceed from mediation with an unknown path ahead, confident that the very best representation is on your team. Leslie is the paradigm by which any attorney should follow in Family Law."

Most Professional and Capable

"Counselor O'Dell was most professional and capable. Should I have a need for further representation I will definitely seek the services of Mr. O'Dell again."

Phenomenal Attorney

"Leslie O'Neal is a phenomenal attorney on that she approaches your case with care and compassion. She fights for her clients interest in a manner that is professional, respectful, and effective. I highly recommend her!"


"I think that all of you were just wonderful. I so appreciate everything you have done."


"The issues related to my case were thoroughly discussed. And when there were communication issues with the other party, your firm took the initiative to keep my case on the front burner."

Courteous and Quick

"This was a fantastic experience. The staff was courteous and quick."

Excellent teamwork

"Excellent teamwork!"

I could not have asked for better service.

"I could not have asked for better service. You made a difficult time…easier to work through. Thank you for all you have done for us."

You made the process easy to understand

"You made the process easy to understand, you were very efficient without frivolous expenditures, and your representation was superior. I am truly grateful."

Excellent understanding

"I felt our consultation was very important and you clearly had an excellent understanding of the direction I wanted to go. I could not have hoped for a better outcome."

They didn’t play games

"They didn’t play games or stoop low at any point in the process. I couldn’t have asked for a better, more professional team."

Leslie O’Neal expertly guided me

"Leslie O’Neal expertly guided me through a difficult experience. She was efficient, proactive, professional and advocated for my best interests, even when I was not. I highly recommend her to others!"

Reunited my Family

Mrs. O’Neal has changed my life forever. I went into her office hopeless, lost, and depressed. In my case, I hadn't seen my son in person for over 2 years. Leslie took her time to understand every detail on what was happening in my life. She went to bat for me, advised me, and was always there for me when I had questions. She is sincere, strong, and fights for what is right. I went into her office not having seen my son, when in the end, Mrs. O’Neal helped me gain full custody back. My son now lives with me and I owe it all to her hard work and dedication. Everyone in her office was so accommodating and caring. She even went as far as advising me/ answering questions after our case was settled. I am beyond blessed to have called Leslie my attorney. I will forever be greatfull!

Forever Thankful

Leslie O’Neal is an extraordinary attorney. She approached my custody case with determination and dedication that are unparalleled. Whether by email or phone, my questions and concerns were promptly addressed with clear and thorough answers throughout the entire process. She helped to guide and inform me through the hardest season of my life. Mrs. O’Neal took the time to gather all the information regarding my case and then put so much consideration into the best way to approach it. The attention to detail and preparation that she devoted into the custody hearing combined with her effectiveness in the courtroom led to a successful result. Her representation for me in the courtroom was outstanding as she advocated for me with strength and resoluteness. I am genuinely overwhelmed with gratitude to Mrs. O’Neal for the role she played in allowing me to retain primary custody of my daughter. I cannot recommend her enough!

Caring and Professional Advocate and Attorney

Mrs. Hungerford is a very caring, knowledgeable, and professional advocate and attorney. Leslee has assisted and represented my family and me in manifold family law cases. From Temporary Protective Orders to Custody Modification cases, Mrs. Hungerford displayed outstanding knowledge, skills, and abilities. She works long and hard to prepare the courtroom presentation and is ready, willing, and able to take on the tough challenges in family law. Leslee is always available, 24/7, to listen, answer questions, and provide timely guidance Over the course of several years, Mrs. Hungerford has become not only our advocate, counselor, and attorney, she is also a family friend. I am proud to call her our attorney and friend.

Forever Grateful

Leslie came highly recommended when my divorce became more intricate than initially expected. I went to see her for a consultation and could immediately sense that I will be in very competent hands and decided to change attorneys. Best decision ever. I've experienced first hand what difference a good attorney can make and my situation immediately changed for the better. She was very prompt in replying to my emails, returning my phone calls and she also helped me to put emotions aside and focus on what's best for me and my children.
I highly recommend Leslie to any person that needs a dedicated, knowledgeable attorney that is assertive and compassionate.

Best in the Business!

Leslie O’Neal is an incredible attorney & her dedication to the specifics of my case have always been top notch! She’s thorough in her work & diligent in the fight for what is always best for my child. Leslie has navigated the numerous unexpected turns, in my individual case, with an assertiveness that does not waver. She became a safe haven in moments that felt very intimidating & I have always felt confident turning to her throughout the entire process. Family law can be very challenging & scary for a client and I am forever grateful to have Leslie in my corner. Leslie has done a remarkable job for me, as her client and I would highly recommend her family law services to anyone looking for a pillar of strength & knowledge.

The Very Best Attorneys

“I never thought I would need a divorce attorney. I was shocked, angry, and upset when I discovered I did indeed need legal counsel. When I met Mr. O’Dell and Ms. Blanchard, the truth is my emotions overwhelmed me. I was not able to control my grief, for the majority of the divorce. They were both very professional at all times, as well as kind, compassionate and allowed me my grief. I guess being a good divorce attorney means you have to be part therapist. More importantly, Mr. O’Dell and Ms. Blanchard did things right, preventing me from allowing my pain to drive me to bad decisions. Often in tears, often outraged at what had happened in my life, and just plain heartbroken. Mr. O’Dell and Ms. Blanchard, not only had to come up with, a legal strategy, they also had to deal with me and make me understand that anger and revenge would not serve me well. They were always looking for a reasonable solution to this terrible situation that was the least expensive. They never did things or filed motions just to generate fees. They were very clear with me on the fee structure and how it worked. Attorneys are not inexpensive, competent caring Attorneys are worth every dime. What should have been a simple divorce, ended up in front of a jury. I think that surprised us all. It should have been simple. This is where Mr. O’Dell and Ms. Blanchard and my legal team really had to shine. They had to do two things, present a well thought out case, and help me from falling apart. To say we prevailed in court would be an understatement. In divorce, good people often come up with all sorts of ideas. Ideas to "get even" or "hurt" the ex-spouse. Mr. O’Dell and Ms. Blanchard often had to talk me down from being a fool, and wasting time and money making a bad situation worse. They were always kind and patient in how they approached it. Both Mr. O’Dell and Ms. Blanchard are very bright, but more importantly they are people of great integrity and moral character. They always told me to just be honest. They continuously looked for the most cost-effective way to end the marriage justly. I could never have gone through this without the very best attorneys. I am an educated and experienced man, but nothing can prepare you for a nasty divorce. No-one wins in a divorce. Both Mr. O’Dell and Ms. Blanchard stood up for me when I could not stand for myself. They also kept me from being my own worst enemy. Ms. Blanchard especially helped me keep my humanity intact. Ms. Blanchard is young, but Ms. Blanchard has wisdom, character, experience, intelligence and integrity. I desperately needed her help. In so many ways she saved me, salvaged the rest of my life. Thank you, Alyssa. Thank you, Justin, you are tough and smart, and a good man. You always told the truth. Even when I didn't want to hear it or accept it. That is not only a strength but also a kindness. Feeding someone’s grief, allowing them to live in a dream world and not see the reality of a situation takes guts. Sometimes it us just as important to stand up to your client as it is to stand up for your client. That is not a skill many people have; the world is full of people who will tell you what you want to hear. Speaking truth, is often the most difficult thing to do.