Survey Says…

CheatingWifeMore Women Are Breadwinners and Cheaters

According to a recent survey by the National Opinion Research Center, women are earning higher wages and more of them are admitting to cheating on their husbands. The social survey indicates that greater financial security among women lessens their concern over having their husbands leave them when they cheat. For more detail on the survey, read this article:


Pandora’s Inbox

Jbo-ldo croppedMonitoring Employees’ E-mails

Part 3 of 3

By Justin O’Dell & Leslie O’Neal

For the 3rd part of our series on communicating with represented parties, we venture into the issue of employers, employees and e-mail. Many companies have policies in their employee handbooks regarding the use of e-mail in the office but how many are actually monitoring that activity? Are employees being told in advance what level of privacy they can expect when they send and receive e-mails at work? Should employers extend their internet usage policies to include e-mail communication? The Daily Report article by Shannon Green, “To read or not to read, what is expected?”, provides some excellent information on these very topics so we direct you to that article in it’s entirety: