The construction industry creates an abundance of legal claims and disputes.  In these types of cases, it is helpful to evaluate the matter and have the perspective of both sides of the dispute.  From the perspective of a homeowner, disputes and issues can arise in claims of negligent or defective construction.  Homeowners also face legal issues associated with opposing the development or rezoning of neighboring properties.  From the perspective of a developer or contractor, legal issues include claims of negligent and defective construction, materialman’s liens, disputes involving subcontractors, and job injury claims.  In addition, developers and contracts present issues associated with their projects from rezoning, licensing, permitting, planning and construction investment.

O’Dell & O’Neal provides services from both perspectives.  The firm has experience in working with both homeowners and construction professionals.  As a result, the firm is able to combine this experience with their litigation expertise in order to achieve for their clients.  As with many other areas of the law, construction disputes are best resolved when a positive outcome for all parties can be obtained.  In the context of construction, a resolution may be a settlement or court ordered remediation of the poor workmanship or a payment for fair services rendered.  In the context of zoning, the firm is able to advance the interests of either homeowners or developers to ensure that the project that ultimately moves forward is in keeping with the best interests of the community.