Other Domestic Issues

    • Paternity & Father’s Rights
      That process of establishing a father’s legal rights generally begins with obtaining a paternity test to confirm the father’s belief that the child is his. While it can be an uncomfortable topic to bring up, it is important that a paternity test be conducted before a father commits himself to raising and financially supporting a child. Once a paternity test has been successfully conducted, it is important for a father to have an experienced attorney to advocate for custodial rights so that he is involved in important decisions associated with the minor child’s upbringing, including the child’s education, medical issues, religious upbringing, and participation in extracurricular activities. In conjuction with establishing custodial rights, a visitation schedule should also be established to determine when the father will be entitled to parenting time with the minor child without the unnecessary interference from the other parent.
    • Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements
      While the topic of a prenuptial agreement can be somewhat awkward to address, particularly given the timing, they can be an invaluable component to a marriage. Pre-nuptial agreements facilitate important pre-marital discussions regarding financial expectations that may not have otherwise occurred and also ensure that each party enters the marriage with a full understanding of their rights from the very beginning. Moreover, in the unfortunate event of a divorce, a pre-nuptial agreement can save both parties an incredible amount of time, energy, and financial resources because many critical issues have already been resolved. It is, however, possible to have a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement set aside for a number of reasons, including inherent unfairness. It is important to seek the advice of an experienced attorney who is familiar with Georgia’s ever changing laws on pre-nuptial agreements so that your pre-nuptial agreement is drafted properly and is not subject to being challenged at a later date. Likewise, if you have previously entered into a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement that was forced upon you or that is inherently unfair, it is certainly possible to challenge the validity and enforceability of that document through the court system.
    • Domestic Violence
      Victims of domestic violence have many options within the court system for ensuring their future safety. It is imperative for victims of domestic violence who are in imminent fear for their personal safefy or for the safety of a child to take immediate action by filing an Emergency Petition for a Protective Order against the perpetrator. If the Petition is granted, the Court will order the perpetrator to stay a certain number of yards away from the victim on a temporary basis, and will quickly schedule a court date to allow the perpetrator an opportunity to tell his or her side of the story. It is important for both parties to be adequately represented at this court date to ensure that the victim’s protection is extended if the violence did in fact, occur, and in those instances where the defendant has been wrongfully accused, to vigorously defend and protect his or her rights.
    • LGBT Legal Issues

      Same-sex couples face unique challenges in establishing Domestic Partnerships in Georgia and we are here to help. Every client is entitled to the highest level of professionalism and service and we can offer expert legal guidance to address those issues. Whether a same-sex couple is entering into a Domestic Partnership or making a decision to end a relationship, we can assist and guide you through the process. We will make sure that your interests are protected, including those of your children. Often, Georgia courts do not treat gay parents the same as opposite-sex parents and we will strive for fairness and equality in those outcomes. Biological parents are given rights by Georgia law that are not extended to non-biological parents and we can explain what other options exist for you. In the event of illness, incapacitation or death, your needs will be best protected with legal documents that ensure financial security and the power to make decisions. We are skilled in preparing and executing Wills, Powers of Attorney and Advanced Healthcare Directives to carry out you or your partner’s wishes should it become necessary. To address all these issues that may have a different and more creative resolution for LGBT couples and individuals, we offer the following legal services:

      • Establishing a Domestic Partnership
      • Child Custody
      • Spousal/Child Support
      • Division of Property
      • Wills and Powers of Attorney
      • Advanced Healthcare Directives